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Book Name: Kung-fu Jungle
Author: Yang Du
Introduction: This Kung-Fu story takes place in ancient China. It revolves around a 21-year-old swordsman named Yang Du who successfully cracks a big underground organization. After a series of lucky coincidences, Yang Du becomes an expert with small hidden weapons and dodging techniques. Thanks to a secret scripture, he learns how to hide and move in the underground. When faced with several murder attempts on his life, Yang Du breaks down a mysterious and evil organization.

Book Name: Red Chili
Author: Lu Zhenzhong
Introduction: Written by Lu Zhenzhong, an award-winning children's author, this novel is the story of a 13-year-old teenage girl named Red Chili. Red Chili was known for using any means necessary to fight against the Japanese invaders during the Anti-Japanese War in the 1940s. Through this book, many scenes are brought to life in vivid detail. It includes the tale of how Eight Route Army soldiers employed guerrilla warfare, and how adults and children were all mobilized to defend their homeland. It is a war story that was written for children, and that centers on stories about children.

Book Name: The Straw House
Author: Cao Wenxuan
Introduction: The Straw House is a representative work by Cao Wenxuan. The story took place in Yau Ma Tei, and the main line was a little boy named Sangsang. The book depicts many different characters: Zhiyue, a talented and witty girl; Luhe, a self-important and perverse boy; Xima, smart, kind and responsible; Du Xiaokang, born in rich but experienced family upheaval and yet remained dignity; Hostess Qin, hapless but perseverant; Principal Sangqiao, concealed his past but woke up to the reality after his son was seriously ill; Jiang Yilun, talented buttragically lost his love by accident, etc. All characters’ stories are separate from each other, and the coherence of each story gives the reader a great reading pleasure. Meanwhile, allstories are connected by the character Sangsang, and interweave together, depicting a beautiful picture of rural life.

Book Name: Bronze and Sunflower
Author: Cao Wenxuan
Introduction: Bronze and Sunflower is one of the most representative works by Cao Wenxuan. It is a book written about of love. It narrates the story of a country boy, Bronze, and a city girl, Sunflower. Sunflower and her father, a sculptor were exiled to the countryside and arrived in a village where Bronze lived. Lonely as she was, Sunflower met a lonely boy, Bronze, who became mute after suffering a fever, and they both understood each other quite well. Later, Sunflower’s father died in an accident, so the impoverished but warm-hearted Bronze and his family took in Sunflower into their family. Afterwards, Bronze and Sunflower shared one of the most intimate brother and sister relationships in the world. Bronze took care of Sunflower, gave up the opportunity to go to school for her, made pumpkin lanterns for her, created an ice necklace for her. Sunflower left home to make money for her grandmother’s treatment, while Bronze waited on the wharf with a paper lantern every night to light a path on her way home. The two cared for each other and brought out the best in each other. And it’s because of their sibling relationship, Bronze’s family, especially hisgrandma, also devoted infinite kindness to Sunflower. Love created a sunny and warm atmosphere in an impoverished rural life.

Book Name: The Cat King
Author: Huang Chunhua
Introduction: Cat King is a dramatic and epic fantasy trilogy by Huang Chunhua. It follows the story of two brothers who are pitted against one another time and again, resulting in jealousy, hatred, and revenge that throws Cat Kingdom into a state of lingering darkness and chaos.

Book Name: Luo Ling's Magic
Author: Chen Liuhuan
Introduction: Luo Ling's Magic is a hugely popular series of books in China. A treat for the imagination, it is the tale of a well-meaning and magically-gifted girl who is placed in an extraordinary situation that has her battling theevil of her prophetic destiny.

Book Name: Big Lin and Little Lin
Author: Zhang Tianyi
Introduction: Author: Zhang Tianyi
Format: 210mm x 275mm
Pages: 112
Age: 9+
Launch: Mar. 2013
ISBN: 9787514814729Right sold:Korea
Big Lin and Little Lin live alone as poor orphans. Big Lin en

Book Name: Killer Order
Author: Yu Lei
Introduction: In order to make his best friend He Tao happy, Ah Jiu, a highly skilled ramen noodle maker and master of the manor "Ten Thousand Swords" sets off some mild fireworks. To his surprise, they are actually the highest intensity "killer" type. Mysterious hit men come out in force.

Book Name: Animal Novels by Jin Zenghao
Author: Jin Zenghao
Introduction: In The Wolf , a strong, suspicious and smart wolf king leads his pack to attack a man. A sharp shooter kills most of the pack and catches two wolves who should have escaped, a young female wolf and the wolf king. The two wolves are trapped in a cage and soon the mother wolf has four babies.

Book Name: A Dog Named Ghost
Author: Cerelchimeg Blackcrane
Introduction: "Ghost" is a half-blooded pure white mastiff. He was born in police dog base, but was sent to other place because of his wild nature. It is hard to tame him. Cruel training and savage beating has made him a satanic body and lightening speed, but at the same time, he has lost trust and desire for the warm hearts and begun a vagrant life in wildness.

Book Name: The Long Way Home
Author: Mu Ling
Introduction: Ah Peng, a mongrel dog thrown out of the pet market has to live as a fugitive every day. Eventually the harsh environment turns him into a callous survival machine. However, Ah Peng's inner soft side has not left him.

Book Name: One Man's Ranch
Author: Mu Ling
Introduction: The four books are based on the personal experiences of the author's boyhood. It uses plain language to tell the story of a teenage cowboy and his livestock: the battle between man and beast, becoming stronger and friendships. The series embodies adventure and warmth, taking the reader into a fun and vibrant world shared by men and animals.

Book Name: She Once Was a True Love of Mine
Author: Huang Chunhua
Introduction: p>
Author: Huang Chunhua
Format: 155mm x 230mm
Pages: 210
Age: 9+
Launch: Jun.2014
ISBN: 9787514817324
She Once Was a True Love of Mine is a story of regret and redemption as tol

Book Name: When the Stars Blossom on a Tree
Author: Zhao Ling
Introduction: Told through the eyes of 15-year-old Xiao Guang, When the Stars Blossom on a Tree is an enormously popular story of truly enduring friendships that heal when broken, provide strength during times of despair, and give unwavering comfort when life seems almost too cruel to bear.

Book Name: Beautiful Mind
Author: Yu Liji
Introduction: Beautiful Mind is part of a series of teen fiction books for girls. These books tell stories of how young women become stronger and more confident after going through difficult situations. This particular story is about Xin Lan, who finds she has a gift for helping others after surviving a terrible accident that propels her to the darkest depths of despair.

Book Name: Spring Song of Shanghai
Author: Wu Zhouxing
Introduction: The story takes place in the 1930's in Shanghai. Life is comfortable and pleasant for Jiang Chunge, a teenage girl. But one day father disappears and their peaceful life is forever broken. The air-bombing launched by the Japanese army turns Shanghai into a city of terror and despair and Chunge realize the full brutality of the war.

Book Name: Shake
Author: Wang Jucheng
Introduction: Huang Chunrong is a bad student, a headache for teachers, who makes trouble every day. Zhong Leize is perfect in the eyes of everyone, handsome and smart. They both like the girl Song Jialing. And in order to settle their rivalry, they decide to go to the countryside for a duel.

Book Name: Red Dancing Shoes
Author: Wu Zhouxing
Introduction: An ordinary girl earns the qualification to participate in a dancing competition by coincidence. She then suffers from misunderstanding, betrayal and verbal abuse from her peers.

Book Name: Red Dancing Shoes
Author: Wu Zhouxing
Introduction: An ordinary girl earns the qualification to participate in a dancing competition by coincidence. She then suffers from misunderstanding, betrayal and verbal abuse from her peers.

Book Name: Screaming Begonia
Author: Wu Mengchuan
Introduction: 15-year-old girl Pei Yutang lives in an ancient town with a lot of begonias. Her father is a painter and her mother is an artist of Kunqu Opera. The family lives together happily. With the decline of Kunqu Opera in modern society, her mother becomes very disappointed and leaves home to pursue her dream.

Book Name: Perfect Flower
Author: Wu Mengchuan
Introduction: This is a novel about art, youth and growing up. 14-year-old girl Hua Mumian loves painting but closes herself up after her cousin sister died. The painting left by her cousin is of high collection value and brings many people into her world.

Book Name: Bad Dad, Good Dad
Author: Ren Daxing
Introduction: Bad Dad, Good Dad is the heart-wrenching fictional tale of one how one father's choices tear apart not only his life, but the lives of those around him. Told through the eyes of his
teenaged son, Wang Dagang, readers will be captivated by this story of disappointment, hopefulness, and the possibility of forgiveness.

Book Name: I Want to Be Together with You
Author: Xu Ling
Introduction: This is a story of love and trust. The eleven-year-old girl Qin Xiaopei is living a life her peers envy: in an expensive villa with luxurious cars and a very handsome father. However, she isn't happy: her father is always
at work with little time to take care of her.

Book Name: My War with Daddy
Author: Xu Ling
Introduction: My War with Daddy is the fictional story of a teenaged boy named Zhao Ziniu who is at constant odds with his ex-convict father. As tensions deepen between father and son, Zhao Ziniu's suspicions lead him to ultimately see a side of his father he never knew was there.

Book Name: Wolf-faced Detective
Author: Shui Hong
Introduction: Wolf-faced Detective is a suspenseful and entertaining four-book series targeted at readers aged 9-13. It is centered around the thrilling escapades of a mysterious detective named Long Ke, who always wears a wolf-head mask, and his young assistant, Batuo.

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