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Book Name: The Eight Immortals
Author: Yang Yongqing
Introduction: Mr. Yang Yongqing (1927-2011) was a renowned Chinese painter famous for his brush painting works using traditional Chinese painting styles. This 10-volume picture book series
eatures 20 best known traditional Chinese tales passed down through the generations. The illustrations are full of details meticulously and precisely drawn by using highly detailed brushstrokes, which truthfully reflect the culture and customs of that particular historical era, such as clothes, furniture, transportation vehicles and decorations. His arts work is not simply to reproduce the appearance of the subjects, but to capture its spirit. This series of picture books provides a grand way for children and teenagers to learn about the Chinese culture, not only through the traditional tales but also through the beautiful Chinese paintings.

Book Name: Xiao Bao's Water-Sprinkling Festival
Author: Xu Lu
Introduction: In this introduction to a very special festival of the Dai ethnic group, nine-year-old Xiao Bao takes a train all the way from the great dry Loess Plateau in Northwestern China to the south where his parents are working. He lives with his grandparents who are goat herds. And while he is excited to see his parents he is sad to be leaving his favourite goat behind. But the train trip is exciting and soon he is delighted to see his parents again and to participate in the very special Water Sprinkling Festival. The world of the South is so different from his plateau. But he has so much fun that he can't wait to come back next year, this time with his grandparents.

Book Name: The Lantern Spirit
Author: Jin Bo
Introduction: Using the traditional Lantern Festival as its setting, this picture book presents Chinese culture. The lantern spirit, shown here as a little child, makes lamps that warm up people’s hearts. The spirit of the Lantern Festival illuminates the lamps, brightens the stars, and even lights a blind child’s eyes so he is able to see. But then the lantern spirit vanishes. Where did it go? Will it return for next year’s festival?

Book Name: The Peach Tree Brother
Author: Xue Tao
Introduction: The Peach Tree Brother is a book about the inner world of children. No matter how the worldchanges, we still treasure true friendships. Spring Festival is coming, and Xiao Ke goes back to his hometown to visit his grandparents and the peach tree brother together with his father. His father planted the peach tree brother when he was young. They all love and treasure the tree a lot. But their hometown will be cleared away. Watching the lonely peach tree brother under the moon and recalling the past happy times together, Xiao Ke and his father are determined to protect the tree. With the clearing equipment coming to clear the area, they have to make a choice! What will they do?

Book Name: Grandmother and the Rooster
Author: Wang Yimei
Introduction: Grandmother and the Rooster tells a touching story of a grandmother who takes a big rooster to the city where her grandson lives. Their arrival evokes the memories of many people, and things begin to change. Seven years later, the grandmother goes back to mountains where she originally lived. From that time forward, she sends a feather to her grandson as a gift every New Year. By dealing very sensitively with the subject of familial harmony and affection, this books appeals to the readership of many youth.

Book Name: My Dragon Boat Festival
Author: Ge Bing
Introduction: The Dragon Boat Festival is one of China's great holidays, so when the little girl narrating the adventure goes with her parents to her grandparents' home in the country, readers get to enjoy the festival through her eyes. Mom and Dad bring presents from the city, including vacuum-packed zongzi, but Grampa says fresh ones are best! Together, the family picks leaves, assembles the zongzi, and cooks them over fire. The little girl tastes every kind. Better yet, Gramma makes her a special necklace and teaches her how to make them for her friends. Amid these pleasures, the child asks where Grampa is. He is the helmsman of a dragon boat and is getting ready to race! Later, as the family celebrates the victory of Grampa's team, we know the city-dwelling girl will want to return, not only for the festivities and the food, but also to spend another good time with her grandparents.

Book Name: Dragon's Hometown
Author: Dong Hongyou
Introduction: You don't have to imagine Little Dragon Girl's excitement when she flies with her family back to her birthplace in China, Little Dragon Island, because she narrates her own story delightfully. It's Lantern Festival time; anticipation grows as festival morning comes with drums, firecrackers, and gongs. It's her own Dad who fills the dragon head for the celebrations and guides the golden dragon through the streets. Families share delectable homemade tangyuan , dress in costumes, and head for evening at the lake. Along with Grandpa, Little Dragon Girl fully experiences the wonder of the festival; out on the lake, they feed tangyuan to glorious jumping golden carp. "They want to turn into dragons!" Grandpa tells her. Can you imagine what Little Dragon Girl dreams of that night? She dreams she is a golden carp flying in the air, a new dragon. With this lovely image, she ends her story, adding only that she can't wait to return to Little Dragon Island next year.

Book Name: Umbrella Tree
Author: Bai Bing
Introduction: Panda Brother and Panda Sister loved their old red paper umbrella. One day, strong winds blew the umbrella into a tree, leaving it badly damaged. When Panda Mom couldn't repair it, she simply threw it away and got a new yellow umbrella. Panda Brother and Panda Sister immediately went to look for their red umbrella in the garbage, but it was nowhere to be found. Little did they know that it was placed on a garbage truck and shipped to a faraway place. The red umbrella had become nothing but a wooden stick carelessly stuck in the ground. As time passed, it was amazed to find that it grew roots into the earth and long branches with green leaves and flowers that looked like little red umbrellas. When Panda Brother and Panda Sister bumped into a donkey who had picked one up, they asked where he had found it. The donkey told them about the umbrella tree at the top of the mountain. Upon rushing to find the tree, they realized that it was, in fact, their beloved old red umbrella. The beautiful tree couldn't have been happier to give its old friends the very best shade ever.

Book Name: Lord Rabbit Loses Its Ear!
Author: Jin Bo
Introduction: Author: Jin Bo
Illutrator: Zhao Xigang
Format: 220mm×265mm
Pages: 36
Publication Date: Jan. 2015Introduction:
When the Mid-Autumn Festival comes, a boy gets a little Lord Rabbit statuette f

Book Name: A Rat Bride
Author: Lu Feng
Introduction: The mouse father is seeking a husband for his precious daughter. By way of finding the most powerful groom, he winds up giving his daughter to the cats! The dad’s laughable but flawed pursuit will make you think twice about what you value!

Book Name: Nian
Author: Zhu Huiying
Introduction: The exceptional originality of Zhu Huiying's paper-cut illustrations for her fine retelling of the legend of the ferociously-hungry monster Nian makes this a book to cherish and re-read many times. As a graduate of Tsinghua University's Academy of Art and Design and student of University of the Arts London, Ms. Zhu's artistry is unsurpassed. In this version of the Chinese New Year legend, one young boy saves his village from total destruction by figuring out what the monster Nian is afraid of, the very things associated with the New Year celebration: the color red, firecrackers, and lots of noise! No longer will Nian frighten or threaten to ruin the most popular of Chinese holidays. People around the world will love this book!

Book Name: Insect Diaries
Introduction: This collection of nine insect diaries is a delightful way for children to explore the fascinating worlds of ladybirds, bees, ants, dung beetles, dragonflies, snail, cicada, spider and crickets in a truly entertaining and imaginative way. Each volume is told from the perspective of one main character, and incorporates both fact and fantasy to create stories in a diary format that are at once charming, adventurous, and full of vivid details! Young readers are sure to develop not just a better understanding of, but also a deeper appreciation for the important role of insects in our world... and they’ll have fun doing it!

Book Name: Across the River
Author: Xue Tao
Introduction: When an old bear wakes up in the middle of winter to find a little bear snuggling next to him, he's a bit confused. However, he soon finds that it's rather nice to have a little bear around who can trek across the frozen river in search of tasty chestnuts... after all, hibernating all winter long can really work up an appetite! After each chestnut snack, the old bear falls back into a deep slumber. When spring finally rolls around, the old bear wakes once again. But where has the little bear gone? Tranquil illustrations perfectly accompany this tale of survival, endurance, and gratitude. Readers will follow the little bear's journey that leads to a surprise ending!

Book Name: Baby Mouse
Author: Bai Bing
Introduction: Baby Mouse is so unhappy with Mom that he decides to leave home finding a new one! But there is always something wrong with others, hedgehog mom is too prickly, elephant mom too high, hippo mom too slippery, bear mom shout too loud, crocodile mom too scary, kangaroo mom too bouncy. Most importantly, they are not his own mom! Baby Mouse finally realizes that his mom is the best for him. Mouse Mom is on every picture of Baby Mouse’s search for a new Mom. Parents and children would spend a great time together reading and enjoying this beautifully illustrated story about love.

Book Name: Little Flower under the Monument
Author: Xu Lu
Introduction: This is a lovingly illustrated book and tells the true feelings between old soldiers. Children whoread this book will feel the changes and warmth in life from a different point of view. The greatgrandfather of the little boy in this story guards the cemetery only by himself. On an ordinary morning, the boy goes to visit his great grandfather and is told that his great grandfather stays here alone, just for keeping a company of his beloved friends who sacrificed themselves in wars. The little boy gets to know that his great grandfather will be dead one day; this circle of
life reminds the boy of dandelion seeds that they travel in the wind and eventually will drop into the soil and blossom.

Book Name: Billie's Factory
Author: Wally De Doncker (Belgium)
Introduction: To most people, the old factory appears to be nothing but a long-forgotten, abandoned building. Still, every Saturday, Grandpa and Billie go to spend time there. For young Billie, the factory is a dust-covered wonderland of buttons, levers, and endlessly fascinating machines. For Grandpa, it's a treasure trove of cherished memories. Sometimes Billie's dad joins them for a leisurely walk down memory lane. This beautifully illustrated, bittersweet story will engage the imagination of young readers and bring an old factory back to life once again!

Book Name: Hang the Sun
Author: Bai Bing
Introduction: Soccer is the world's most popular sport, even among the animals! When animal friends get together for a game, they decide to see who can kick the ball the highest. Elephant's kick goes so far it knocks the sun from the sky! Earth turns cold without its shining sun, so the friends embark on an adventure to try to replace it. They finally realize that nothing can match the real sun. But how will they find it, and how will they persuade it to take its place high in the heavens again?

Book Name: Happy Piggy Joey series
Author: Gao Hongbo
Introduction: This picture book series tells stories about a little piggy named Joey. He is optimistic and lively. He continuously explores the world around him, all while doing many funny things. The first series includes 24 volumes, which were popular among readers, so another 10 volumes of the second series were published afterward. Media-Participations, the biggest European comics and animation group, a leading company in publishing, film and TV production, and digital media, has bought the right to develop animated TV series based on the character Joey.

Book Name: Mr. and Mrs. Candy's Trip
Author: Zhu Ziqiang
Introduction: When the lilac trees are in full blossom, Mr. and Mrs. Candy have a few days to themselves. Excited, they decide to go to a holiday resort thousands of miles away. So they start to search for a hotel. They browse through their options on the Internet and read customer reviews. Unfortunately, they find none satisfactory. All the seemingly nice hotels end up having some problems, too noisy, too secluded or too difficult to reach. By the end, they decide to skip the holiday trip and just stay at home. Mr. and Mrs. Candy’s Trip is selected and displayed at Bologna Children’s Book Fair Illustration Exhibition 2016.

Book Name: Grandpa's Tinderbox
Author: Xu Lu
Introduction: The story, highlighting the harmony between man and nature, tells about an oldman with a tinderbox who lives on a mountain guarding the forest and animals. The story and the pictures match perfectly, full of the life and flavors of local culture, leading readers to a world of simple love and beauty.

Book Name: Sweet Laba Congee
Author: Zhang Qiusheng
Introduction: This is a story about traditional Chinese customs in Spring Festival, the Lunar New Year. According to the customs, Yan’er’s family cooks Laba congee on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month. Yan’er helped Grandma to prepare for the cooking materials and helped Mom to add firewood to the stove. When the congee was ready, the family first worshipped the ancestors and deities then sent congee to the eldest people in the village. They left a bowl for Dad, who was working and couldn’t be with the famoily; and Uncle, who was in a university. The family called for a reunion at the Chinese New Year. Later, Yan’er smeared half a bowl of congee to the persimmon tree in the yard, which, according to the local legend, would help the tree to grow better and produce more fruit.

Book Name: Mom, I Saw a Giant Monster
Author: Liu Yufeng, Xue Wenxi
Introduction: A little boy sees a monster in his bathroom mirror! He tells his mother all about the monster, such as his special ears that turn into microphones when they get wet. Meanwhile, the monster in the mirror also sees the boy. Both parents and children alike will be able to relate to this fun and whimsical book. It highlights how naturally imaginative and curious all children are and makes parents to think what is a better method of teaching.

Book Name: Grandma Lives in Fragrance Village
Author: Fang Su-chen
Introduction: This is a beautiful and inspiring picture book. It tells a touching story with true universal appeal. Xiaole and his mom visit his grandma in Fragrance Village. It will be his last visit with his grandma, though he doesn’t know that at the time. They spend a day together, and the memories later comfort Xiaole and his mom. This is a story about losing your beloved one and a theme that is easily relatable for everyone. People will die, but their love will last forever. Dealing very sensitively with the subject of death in the family, this book helps explain the idea, and it also aids children and adults in many other family situations.

Book Name: I Want to Fly
Author: Jin Bo
Introduction: This beautiful story/illustration combination is like a classic fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. The major character is an old man who is too frail to go out. He has nochoice but to make many kites at home and hang them on his walls. One day, a sparrow encourages a kite to flap its wings; suddenly it flies out the window and into the sky! In the end, the old man himself can fly and does, surrounded by stars. This is the perfect ending for the old man’s life. The whole book is romantic, colored with surrealism and hope.

Book Name: Nian
Author: Zhu Huiying
Introduction: The exceptional originality of Zhu Huiying's paper-cut illustraions for her fine retelling of the legend of the ferociously-hungry monster Nian makes this a book to cherish and re-read many times. As a graduate of Tsinghua University's Academy of Art and Design and student of London's University of the Arts, Ms.Zhu artistry in unsurpassed.

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