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Book Name: The Cursed Butterfly
Introduction: This retro-styled comic takes place in the Butterfly World. There Qi and Yu are chased by the leaders of the Blue Butterfly Clan because they have broken the clan's regulations. Qi has practiced a taboo spell to protect Yu and is condemned to death. As a result of this injustice, their son, You, becomes “the Cursed Butterfly”. Since the ancient curse "The Cursed Butterfly has the power to destroy the whole Butterfly world” is widely known among the Blue Butterfly royal families, a warrant is issued to arrest You. The story unfolds around You's complex vengeance as he develops into a legend.

Book Name: Star Story
Author: Remai Comic Studio
Introduction: An amiable girl named Star is the heroine of this story. She is an operator in the “Silver Moon Alliance”. When Star receives a mission to spy on a mysterious boy named Bai Yan, she disguises herself as a high school girl and enrolls at Demon College. And then her crazy life begins!

Book Name: Pandora's Lip Gloss
Author: Qiang Ying
Introduction: One day, an ordinary girl named Millie buys some Pandora's Lip Gloss. Imagine her amazement when it turns out to have magical powers! When Millie applies the gloss, she transforms into beauty called Lemon Star. With the power of the lip gloss, Millie becomes a famous singer. This comic book has received positive comments from readers who note its artistic style and sophisticated graphics.

Book Name: Moonlight Circus
Author: Remai Comic Studio
Introduction: It is said that the Moonlight Circus only appears when the moon is full. Then the circus performs in various cities, performs for human beings and for lost souls, leading the lost ones to where they belong. A sixteen-year old girl who is fond of singing unexpectedly encounters Colonel Odin, after which she joins the Moonlight Circus, starting a fantastic journey with a group of partners from another world.

Book Name: Magic Pollen Store
Author: Leng Tian, Nalaid
Introduction: It is said that magic pollen can satisfy any wish, but you may need to pay an unexpected price. Amber, who dies in a car accident, comes into the magic pollen store after her death. She doesn't want to remain dead; she wants to be reborn with the help of the pollen's energy. Reborn, her appearance is totally changed. Who is she now?

Book Name: Here Comes the Princess
Author: Remai Comic Studio
Introduction: When the Chinese-Egyptian Princess Paula comes to China, she meets the mild and kind Chinese boy Ren Zhichu. Thus begins this delightful story. Young protagonists, fancy clothes, and a relaxed, romantic plot make this book popular with girls of primary to middle school age.

Book Name: Kung-fu Jungle
Author: Yang Du
Introduction: This Kung-Fu story takes place in ancient China. It revolves around a 21-year-old swordsman named Yang Du who successfully cracks a big underground organization. After a series of lucky coincidences, Yang Du becomes an expert with small hidden weapons and dodging techniques. Thanks to a secret scripture, he learns how to hide and move in the underground. When faced with several murder attempts on his life, Yang Du breaks down a mysterious and evil organization.

Book Name: Red Chili
Author: Lu Zhenzhong
Introduction: Written by Lu Zhenzhong, an award-winning children's author, this novel is the story of a 13-year-old teenage girl named Red Chili. Red Chili was known for using any means necessary to fight against the Japanese invaders during the Anti-Japanese War in the 1940s. Through this book, many scenes are brought to life in vivid detail. It includes the tale of how Eight Route Army soldiers employed guerrilla warfare, and how adults and children were all mobilized to defend their homeland. It is a war story that was written for children, and that centers on stories about children.

Book Name: The Straw House
Author: Cao Wenxuan
Introduction: The Straw House is a representative work by Cao Wenxuan. The story took place in Yau Ma Tei, and the main line was a little boy named Sangsang. The book depicts many different characters: Zhiyue, a talented and witty girl; Luhe, a self-important and perverse boy; Xima, smart, kind and responsible; Du Xiaokang, born in rich but experienced family upheaval and yet remained dignity; Hostess Qin, hapless but perseverant; Principal Sangqiao, concealed his past but woke up to the reality after his son was seriously ill; Jiang Yilun, talented buttragically lost his love by accident, etc. All characters’ stories are separate from each other, and the coherence of each story gives the reader a great reading pleasure. Meanwhile, allstories are connected by the character Sangsang, and interweave together, depicting a beautiful picture of rural life.

Book Name: Bronze and Sunflower
Author: Cao Wenxuan
Introduction: Bronze and Sunflower is one of the most representative works by Cao Wenxuan. It is a book written about of love. It narrates the story of a country boy, Bronze, and a city girl, Sunflower. Sunflower and her father, a sculptor were exiled to the countryside and arrived in a village where Bronze lived. Lonely as she was, Sunflower met a lonely boy, Bronze, who became mute after suffering a fever, and they both understood each other quite well. Later, Sunflower’s father died in an accident, so the impoverished but warm-hearted Bronze and his family took in Sunflower into their family. Afterwards, Bronze and Sunflower shared one of the most intimate brother and sister relationships in the world. Bronze took care of Sunflower, gave up the opportunity to go to school for her, made pumpkin lanterns for her, created an ice necklace for her. Sunflower left home to make money for her grandmother’s treatment, while Bronze waited on the wharf with a paper lantern every night to light a path on her way home. The two cared for each other and brought out the best in each other. And it’s because of their sibling relationship, Bronze’s family, especially hisgrandma, also devoted infinite kindness to Sunflower. Love created a sunny and warm atmosphere in an impoverished rural life.

Book Name: The Eight Immortals
Author: Yang Yongqing
Introduction: Mr. Yang Yongqing (1927-2011) was a renowned Chinese painter famous for his brush painting works using traditional Chinese painting styles. This 10-volume picture book series
eatures 20 best known traditional Chinese tales passed down through the generations. The illustrations are full of details meticulously and precisely drawn by using highly detailed brushstrokes, which truthfully reflect the culture and customs of that particular historical era, such as clothes, furniture, transportation vehicles and decorations. His arts work is not simply to reproduce the appearance of the subjects, but to capture its spirit. This series of picture books provides a grand way for children and teenagers to learn about the Chinese culture, not only through the traditional tales but also through the beautiful Chinese paintings.

Book Name: Xiao Bao's Water-Sprinkling Festival
Author: Xu Lu
Introduction: In this introduction to a very special festival of the Dai ethnic group, nine-year-old Xiao Bao takes a train all the way from the great dry Loess Plateau in Northwestern China to the south where his parents are working. He lives with his grandparents who are goat herds. And while he is excited to see his parents he is sad to be leaving his favourite goat behind. But the train trip is exciting and soon he is delighted to see his parents again and to participate in the very special Water Sprinkling Festival. The world of the South is so different from his plateau. But he has so much fun that he can't wait to come back next year, this time with his grandparents.

Book Name: The Lantern Spirit
Author: Jin Bo
Introduction: Using the traditional Lantern Festival as its setting, this picture book presents Chinese culture. The lantern spirit, shown here as a little child, makes lamps that warm up people’s hearts. The spirit of the Lantern Festival illuminates the lamps, brightens the stars, and even lights a blind child’s eyes so he is able to see. But then the lantern spirit vanishes. Where did it go? Will it return for next year’s festival?

Book Name: The Peach Tree Brother
Author: Xue Tao
Introduction: The Peach Tree Brother is a book about the inner world of children. No matter how the worldchanges, we still treasure true friendships. Spring Festival is coming, and Xiao Ke goes back to his hometown to visit his grandparents and the peach tree brother together with his father. His father planted the peach tree brother when he was young. They all love and treasure the tree a lot. But their hometown will be cleared away. Watching the lonely peach tree brother under the moon and recalling the past happy times together, Xiao Ke and his father are determined to protect the tree. With the clearing equipment coming to clear the area, they have to make a choice! What will they do?

Book Name: Grandmother and the Rooster
Author: Wang Yimei
Introduction: Grandmother and the Rooster tells a touching story of a grandmother who takes a big rooster to the city where her grandson lives. Their arrival evokes the memories of many people, and things begin to change. Seven years later, the grandmother goes back to mountains where she originally lived. From that time forward, she sends a feather to her grandson as a gift every New Year. By dealing very sensitively with the subject of familial harmony and affection, this books appeals to the readership of many youth.

Book Name: My Dragon Boat Festival
Author: Ge Bing
Introduction: The Dragon Boat Festival is one of China's great holidays, so when the little girl narrating the adventure goes with her parents to her grandparents' home in the country, readers get to enjoy the festival through her eyes. Mom and Dad bring presents from the city, including vacuum-packed zongzi, but Grampa says fresh ones are best! Together, the family picks leaves, assembles the zongzi, and cooks them over fire. The little girl tastes every kind. Better yet, Gramma makes her a special necklace and teaches her how to make them for her friends. Amid these pleasures, the child asks where Grampa is. He is the helmsman of a dragon boat and is getting ready to race! Later, as the family celebrates the victory of Grampa's team, we know the city-dwelling girl will want to return, not only for the festivities and the food, but also to spend another good time with her grandparents.

Book Name: Dragon's Hometown
Author: Dong Hongyou
Introduction: You don't have to imagine Little Dragon Girl's excitement when she flies with her family back to her birthplace in China, Little Dragon Island, because she narrates her own story delightfully. It's Lantern Festival time; anticipation grows as festival morning comes with drums, firecrackers, and gongs. It's her own Dad who fills the dragon head for the celebrations and guides the golden dragon through the streets. Families share delectable homemade tangyuan , dress in costumes, and head for evening at the lake. Along with Grandpa, Little Dragon Girl fully experiences the wonder of the festival; out on the lake, they feed tangyuan to glorious jumping golden carp. "They want to turn into dragons!" Grandpa tells her. Can you imagine what Little Dragon Girl dreams of that night? She dreams she is a golden carp flying in the air, a new dragon. With this lovely image, she ends her story, adding only that she can't wait to return to Little Dragon Island next year.

Book Name: Umbrella Tree
Author: Bai Bing
Introduction: Panda Brother and Panda Sister loved their old red paper umbrella. One day, strong winds blew the umbrella into a tree, leaving it badly damaged. When Panda Mom couldn't repair it, she simply threw it away and got a new yellow umbrella. Panda Brother and Panda Sister immediately went to look for their red umbrella in the garbage, but it was nowhere to be found. Little did they know that it was placed on a garbage truck and shipped to a faraway place. The red umbrella had become nothing but a wooden stick carelessly stuck in the ground. As time passed, it was amazed to find that it grew roots into the earth and long branches with green leaves and flowers that looked like little red umbrellas. When Panda Brother and Panda Sister bumped into a donkey who had picked one up, they asked where he had found it. The donkey told them about the umbrella tree at the top of the mountain. Upon rushing to find the tree, they realized that it was, in fact, their beloved old red umbrella. The beautiful tree couldn't have been happier to give its old friends the very best shade ever.

Book Name: Lord Rabbit Loses Its Ear!
Author: Jin Bo
Introduction: Author: Jin Bo
Illutrator: Zhao Xigang
Format: 220mm×265mm
Pages: 36
Publication Date: Jan. 2015Introduction:
When the Mid-Autumn Festival comes, a boy gets a little Lord Rabbit statuette f

Book Name: A Rat Bride
Author: Lu Feng
Introduction: The mouse father is seeking a husband for his precious daughter. By way of finding the most powerful groom, he winds up giving his daughter to the cats! The dad’s laughable but flawed pursuit will make you think twice about what you value!

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